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Wyrm to Publish Signed Limited of Memorare by Gene Wolfe

Memorare by Gene Wolfe
Signed Limited Hardcover
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Humans go into space for many reasons. For some it’s adventure and excitement. Others, it’s the solitude. And some choose it for their final resting place. March Wildspring is a freelance cameraman, working on a documentary on the memorials drifting in the emptiness of space. Some are lovely, peaceful monuments to the deceased. Others are built not to honor the dead but trap the living.

Memorial 19 is like nothing March has ever seen before. And when he and his crew enter it, they will not be allowed to leave unchanged….


For the writers among us…


A Message from Electric Velocipede


  1. Ok. I’m buying it. 😀

  2. Cool. Congrats!

  3. Good story. I just finished reading this novella a couple of days ago, and it’s certainly one to remember.

  4. Damn you, sir!

    That’s another $35 you’ve gotten from me.

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