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My optimism has paid off. My brother’s computer was a melted hunk of plastic, but I was able to chisel the hard drive out and recover all the data from it. All his photos. All the music he planned to use for the wedding. Everything!


Update on my brother


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  1. That’s awesome. I take forgranted all the stuff on my PCs.

  2. That’s great news! And an impressive recommendation for whatever brand of hard drive you chipped out of that PC, too.

  3. As bad as it is, someone up there is looking out for him. Congratulations on saving the drive.

  4. Congratulations! More good news coming from the depths of disaster.

  5. Great job! There are things that can be replaced, and things that can’t – I bet it means a lot to him that you could save those bits.

    What brand was it?!?

  6. Wow! Excellent!

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