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Ok, you have to know something is wrong when I fail to mention that Tim Powers new novel, Three Days to Never, will be published as a signed limited edition by Subterranean Press. Well, nothing is wrong, things are actually going quite well.

As you may know, Clarkesworld Books is my night job. I have a wife, two kids, and a mortgage to pay and the bookstore just doesn’t take care of all that yet. I’ve spent the last two years working in a day job that was a frustrating dead end for me. I just put an end to that and took a new job as Technology Director for a private K-12 school about an hour away from here. This all happened in the last week, so I’ve been a little distracted. (apologies to those of you expecting emails)

We’re going to have to move in a few months, so instead of carrying thousands of books, I’d like to clear out some inventory. I’ll be sure to post here once I figure out how I’ll be doing that.

In the meantime, I should mention that Joshua Palmatier has agreed to sign copies of The Skewed Throne when it’s published by DAW in January. Check it out!


10 thoughts on “What’s going on…

  1. unwrecked says:

    A new Tim Powers novel! Holy crap. Thanks for the heads-up!

    And I’m itching to make a Clarkesworld purchase, as a reward for finishing up my novel revisions for Five Star… Let me know if you have anything in your inventory you wanna get rid of (I’m already planning on getting a signed copy of ANANSI BOYS, if you have any left).

    And congrats on the new job! Sounds like it’ll be a huge improvement. Good for you for leaving a bad one.

    • wyrmadmin says:

      Thanks! The new job is going to be fun. They actually want to move forward with what they are doing and I’ll get to build the program. I did that at my last job and it was very rewarding.

      I’m on a roll. A few minutes ago, I was asked to do an interview with Tim Powers for Subterranean’s newsletter. Now I have to come up with some questions.

      Oh and just received more signed copies of Anansi Boys, so I should be good for a few weeks.


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