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We trained him well…

And now a glimpse into my life as a dad…

Me (to Aidan, age 8): "No, we want you to be more like a robot."

Me (in robot voice): "Yes daddy, I will do my homework. I will obey. I do whatever you tell me and will not try to have the last word."

Eamonn (age 4, to me, in his own robot voice)  "I will destroy you. I will destroy you. I will destroy you. I will destroy you…"


Thirteen Years Ago Today


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  1. Sounds as though things are progressing very nicely! I congratulate your sons on their future conquest of the world, and ask only that I be allowed to function in their New World Order in some menial capacity.

  2. You have great kids!


    • Thats just fabulous! Aren’t little boys the best?

      I was recently at my brother’s house and my nephew, who is six, was playing with a Lego spaceship he had built…humming the Star Wars score. I knew then what cool parents that kid had. 🙂

    • Thanks! They provide endless entertainment.

  3. Shouldn’t Eamonn be saying “EXTERRRMINATE — EXTERRRRMINATE”? ; ) Adorable.

    • I’m afraid that if he gets his hands on Dr. Who, he’ll liberate one of our garbage cans, hide under it, and do just that.

  4. Resistance is futile.

  5. My 13-year-old heartily approves his message 🙂

    — C.

  6. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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