“Watch the Skies” doesn’t mean the sky is falling.

On hearing about Tor’s forthcoming online fiction and social site, a friend emailed me to get my reaction and find out how I planned to have Clarkesworld survive this new threat. When I was done laughing, I explained to him that I’m looking forward to Tor’s venture. Despite the progress made in recent years, online fiction is still thought of as the black sheep of the family. Even if it should fail, Tor’s big splash should attract more people to this medium and that can only be good for Clarkesworld. How many people do you know that visit only one website or read only one magazine?

If anything, I’m envious. Tor will be launching this site with resources that I could only dream of having. I’ve been hearing about bits and pieces of this since just before World Fantasy Convention and know several people who’ve been approached for stories or other contributions. If they can pull all this together, it will be amazing. Best of luck to them!

One thought on ““Watch the Skies” doesn’t mean the sky is falling.

  1. sclerotic_rings says:

    That’s what I try to tell people in the local arts community about competing arts show events. I saw the same exact thing going on with weekly newspapers in the Nineties: when Dallas had three at the same time, readers were likely to read all three, but when two were purchased and folded into the third, those same readers decided that they weren’t interested in reading weeklies at all.

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