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UPGRADED release contest

UPGRADED is apparently showing up in stores ahead of the publication date. Since they’ve done that, I’ve authorized all our ebook dealers to start shipping today. To celebrate, let’s have a contest. The best caption for the following picture will win a signed copy of UPGRADED. International entries welcome and all entries must be submitted as a comment to this post. Deadline: 9/22/14.

This unstaged photo was taken this past weekend. Pictured left to right: Sean, Neil, and Kate.

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  1. Roman

    “On the bright side, with this one he has stopped asking me if I was his Mummy”

  2. “I didn’t realize cybermen were eligible for Dress Down Friday.”

  3. “I’m not touching you. I’m not touching you. I’m not touching you.”

  4. val

    This is just a prototype. The next version will have a much more realistic cranium; facial muscles are hard to program, you know?

  5. “I’m telling you: he smiled like a second ago. I swear. I got him this human body because it’s ticklish.”

  6. Kyle O

    “He’s inquisitive, but you should see him at suppertime.”

  7. Mark-0

    “See? Not ALL robots.”

  8. James Clark

    Just wait; Bluetooth takes a minute…

  9. Destructo the Mad

    “It’s like an Oculus Rift, just a bit more invasive.”

  10. Bruce Cohen

    “I’m sure he’ll be good as new as soon as the OS update finishes.”

  11. “We didn’t quite make our final stretch goal, so Sean has been, shall we say, semi-graded.”

  12. MMN

    Sean: Upgraded
    Neil: Has a laptop, not quite there yet.
    Kate: The Luddite

    • MMN

      Err, I missed the deadline. 🙁
      I hope this got some laughs, though. Was a fun contest, and worth a try.

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