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Update on my brother

I stopped off at my brother’s house on the way home from work. They were digging through the sludge to find hidden treasures and despite wearing my nice work clothes, I jumped in and joined the search.

Lisa, Michael’s fiancee found a box of her family photos. A dresser fell down over them and protected the from the flames in one of the most hard hit rooms. This was like finding gold, irreplacable photos, wet but salvagable.

As they pulled apart the contents of the dresser, I started poking around on the other side of a badly charred door. I was rewarded for my efforts with the champagne glasses they were going to use for their wedding, unharmed and still in the box (damp, charred, but contents intact). Below that was mud, and in the mud was a box. This box contained the shoes Lisa bought for her wedding. They were in plastic bags and spotless.

It was a day of little miracles. Michael and Lisa’s spirits seem lifted today and I am so happy that several of the more personal objects were found. I have the hard drive from his computer. Tomorrow we see if I can recover all the photos on there.



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  1. Sigh. I’m glad there are good things amid the ashes.

  2. Good to hear there were some good moments among the tragedy. Good luck with the hard drive.

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