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Time for an informal announcement….

In 2009, Wyrm will publish UNPLUGGED, an anthology edited by Rich Horton. This book will feature the best online fiction of 2008. I’ve just started contacting the authors of stories that Rich has chosen and will announce full details when we have a complete table of contents.


Shrieking into the Holidays




  1. Looking forward to it!

  2. Great name for a print antho of online fiction! 😀

  3. Very cool.

    Hey did you get my magazine order? I haven’t heard from you.

  4. Anonymous

    Sounds great. Looking forward to it! Any idea when you’ll have a release date?

    – John

    John O’Neill
    Black Gate

  5. that’s pretty much awesome.

    • Thanks. I’ve been wondering why no one has done it, so now I get a chance to do something about it.

      • I suspect it’s because people in the publishing industry are skeptical of online short fiction transitioning to print.

        I might be wrong about this but the only anthologies that I know that compile online fiction for print is your anthology, Realms, Sean Wallace’s Fantasy sampler, Eric Marin’s Lone Star Stories Reader, and Tor’s Intergalactic Medicine Show antho. All of those save for Fantasy, mind you, only came out this year. And they don’t transcend publishers/publications.

        • Tor doesn’t have anything to do with the Medicine Show, aside from publishing Orson’s novels. It was a connection they were encouraged to exploit to get the collection out there.

          Strange Horizons, Baen’s, and Abyss and Apex have also done volumes. I’m certain I’m forgetting someone else too.

          • You’re right about Tor… what I meant that it’s drawn from the same pool (it’s all fiction from Medicine Show).

            The rest are results of my ignorance so it’s my error there.

            But again, they’re publishing only their own titles. I think your new anthology with Horton is the first that will publish an anthology from multiple online venues (exclusively–obviously the various “best of” books” acquires stories from various sources, print or online).

          • Ah, ok, I understand now. I’m not aware of any genre anthologies consisting of only stories pulled from multiple online venues. Now I have to do some research. 🙂

  6. Hey thats a cool idea. Looking forward to seeing the result.

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