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UK Submissions and Authors – Clarkesworld Magazine Data

There was a discussion on Twitter today about UK authors submitting stories to US markets. Since my data for Clarkesworld was referenced, I offered to dig a bit deeper into the stats for some more relevant data beyond overall percentages.

Here is a breakdown of all UK submissions (and authors) per month and by gender from 09/2008 through 08/2012. During this time period there were 1366 UK submissions from men and 569 from women representing 730 men and 262 women. We have seen submissions from 992 different authors from the UK.

The dashed lines indicate the number of authors that turned in the submissions in the solid line. Most authors only submit one story per month.

The two low points on the above graph indicate periods that we were closed to submissions. The overall percentage of stories we receive from the UK fluctuates between 6 and 8% of our total submissions on the average. The overall percentage of UK authors submitting stories is roughly the same, until the last year, women had a slightly higher percentage than men when compared to all authors from other countries submitting to the magazine. Now they are nearly equal.

A few of my earlier data posts can be found in a CW editorial (06/12), here (02/12), and here (12/09).


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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for this. I’m a data junkie myself. Very interesting reading. Could I trouble you for the means?

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