It’s been a fun couple of days here…

1. Clarkesworld has another World Fantasy nomination!  Wow. Really. Quite an honor and very flattering.

2. A foot-thick tree limb feel from a tree and smashed the driver’s side window of our van. This is the second tree to fall on the van and the third time its been damaged by something crashing into in it in three years. The last one was someone rear-ending me on the way home from Capclave. Someone up there hates this van.

3. I received a pallet of books:

Yes, it is the signed limited edition of TOAST by Charles Stross. My hugely overdue and cursed (just like my van) project for Wyrm Publishing. (Art by Steve Montiglio. Design by Mary Robinette Kowal.) Over 700 nice shiny copies, which I’m busy numbering tonight. Orders will start shipping Saturday.