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Tinkering with the website

Every now and then, I get the urge to tinker with the design of the website. I had to add a link to Clarkesworld Magazine anyway, so I started playing with the design of the store’s home page. If you have a second, I’d appreciate some honest feedback.

This is what it is now:

and this is the new version:



Clarkesworld Bestsellers : Week Ending August 27th, 2006


Clarkesworld Magazine Update


  1. The new version is neater, cleaner and easier on the eye IMHO

  2. Change is always good. I enjoy the newer version. Less scrolling down than the old one.

  3. I also like the new design.

  4. I like the renovations.

  5. I’m with everyone above– by all appearances a change for the better!

  6. Another vote the new design!

  7. I like it, Neil, but for some reason, I think you should have more than 2 columns of books — maybe 3? That way you can highlight 9 books instead of just 6.

    I really like the consistency of the boxes down the left-hand side only. And it keeps the “Words from Clarkesworld” from taking up the whole screen at the bottom, which keeps it easy on the eyes.

    I sorta think there’s too much info in the boxes, for some reason — maybe too many boxes?

    I like it — subtle changes, all improvements!

    • I’m glad you said that, ‘cos I think exactly the same thing. I like the new design more, but the two books doesn’t look as slick/professional (for some reason!) as the other.

      More than happy to give you any tips on web stuff, and I can code et cetara as well so if you hit any bugs give me a shout.

    • I was curious how people would react to the boxes. I was having a bit of trouble with that myself.

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