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The Ape’s Wife

A little bit of switcheroo has happened in the September Issue of Clarkesworld Magazine.  “Little Conversations” by Caitlin R. Kiernan has been swapped out for “The Ape’s Wife“.  This is a great story and I’m more than happy to have it grace the pages of Clarkesworld and Realms.  If you missed it, “Little Conversations” will only be available as part of “Salammbô Redux” in the new edition of Tales of Pain and Wonder that will be published by Subterranean in early 2008. 

“The Ape’s Wife” is the longest story we’ve ever published.  It’s nearly 9000 words and I’ve had to split it in two to make more suitable for online reading. Of course, feel free to argue with me if you feel one 9K story is fine on a single page.

Before anyone asks, this does not mean we are backing off our submission guideline’s 4000 word limit.  Half the stories we publish are solicited and half come from slush.  The guidelines are aimed at the slush and while we also try to use them for the solicited stories, it doesn’t always work that way.  Consider it a perk of being a solicited author.


Toast by Charles Stross


Cover art for the next issue


  1. Iread Little Conversations this week, good timing on my part then:)

  2. 9k words

    Actually, I think I’ll like it better split into two pages (I read online stuff on a Palm TX and it won’t load large pages). I can’t wait to read this issue!

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