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The anthology series has a name.

The annual Clarkesworld Magazine anthology will be called Realms.  If we’re lucky, perhaps we’ll have Realms 1 ready for World Fantasy.


Ending and Boskone 2007


bad websites


  1. Anonymous

    Shoot! I was going to suggest that you call it:


    Oh well.

    John Klima

  2. Not to be a bucket of cold water, but aren’t you afraid that people might confuse your anthology with REALMS OF FANTASY magazine?

    • good point, I thought the same thing.

    • I suppose that’s a possibility. It’s also possible that we’ll be mixed up with Forgotten Realms, or a host of other realms with longer names. One thing for sure, we won’t be confused with Arthur C. Clarke.

      I’ll sleep on it, but most of the other names were… horrible.

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