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Ten days in

Hard to believe that I’m ten days into this self-employed editor thing. Still doesn’t quite feel real, but I at least I’m making progress on many fronts: backlogged projects, current projects, housework, and even a little coding to make my life easier.

I’ll probably find myself sleeping a bit better when I know I have the income gap and health insurance covered. To that end, next week’s agenda includes some time spent on anthology pitches, finding more ebook design clients, marketing, and perhaps some consulting work for my former employer.

Over at Patreon, I’ve been asking our existing supporters what types of things make attractive rewards to them. That will be feeding a blog post sometime in the next week… Yes, this connects to a survey I did last year and yes, I will be sharing some of what I learned from that soon.


Participating in a NASA Social event


Boskone 2017 Schedule


  1. Supporting you through Patreon and love your work. I keep on looking at your wonderful Clarkesworld covers and wish I had a screensaver (or some other photo viewer) that collected all of them. I of course could make one myself but I am a bit lazy and thought it might be an opportunity for your self-employed efforts to gain a little cash some way. – Steve Blache in Southern IL USA

    • Thanks! The big issue around doing things with the art is licensing. We don’t currently purchase the rights for use in prints, phone cases, screen savers, etc. It’s something there has been a lot of interest in in the past, so I may talk with a few of them to see if we can hammer out a fair arrangement.

  2. An answer from an expert! Thanks for cobiirnuttng.

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