Tangent Online has posted their review of this months issue of Clarkesworld Magazine.

THE ORACLE SPOKE – Holly Phillips
“The story’s point of view alternates between Caldwell and Cassandra, and both are well-drawn, intelligent characters. Cassandra’s story, in particular, is moving, as we discover more about her plight as voice of the Oracle, and what it might mean for a real human being to be trapped in such a circumstance. The tale’s ending is chilling. A very strong story.”

MOON OVER YODOK – David Charlton
“This is another well-written story, with likeable characters and a very real menace. I haven’t read any stories set in this background before, and found it fascinating from that aspect alone.”

Favorite quote:
Clarkesworld is fast becoming one of the most consistent and reliable venues for finding good fiction, particularly online. This issue is probably the best of the year so far. Definitely worth checking out.”

You can read the full review here.