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Now available from Wyrm Publishing

Last year, I published a serialized edition of SILENTLY AND VERY FAST by Catherynne M. Valente in Clarkesworld. Now you can pick up this fantastic novella as a standalone Wyrm Publishing ebook from:

To celebrate the publication of this ebook and SAVF's appearance on Locus Magazine's 2011 Recommended Reading List, we've reduced the price of our ebook edition of MYTHS OF ORIGIN, the book that collects four of Catherynne's early novels.

Reading Clarkesworld on your Ereader

One of the most import ways that we raise money for Clarkesworld Magazine is through the sales of ebook editions of the magazine and our annual anthologies. Every penny we make from ebooks goes straight back into paying for content. You can buy individual issues from:

and I am very pleased to say that the good folks at Weightless Books have set up a way for us to sell subscriptions. We’re still hoping to convince Amazon and B&N to offer subscriptions, but it hasn’t been all that successful. If any of our fans have an "in" with someone there, we’d love to hear about it. (I do know about Amazon’s beta magazine for Kindle program, but it’s better suited to newspapers, a lot of extra work, and would result in a watered-down version of CW).

Please help us spread the word. Marketing ebooks is a bear and getting the word out is our biggest challenge. If you buy from Amazon or B&N, please consider starring or reviewing that issue on their site. It does make a difference.


Wyrm Publishing Holiday Sale

Wyrm Publishing is running a special holiday sale from now through December 15th. Prices have been reduced on almost every in-stock print book. Titles include Toast by Charles Stross (signed, ltd), Shriek by Jeff VanderMeer (signed, ltd), Tides from the New Worlds by Tobias S. Buckell (signed, ltd), Last Drink Bird Head, Realms 1 & 2, and Unplugged. A limited number of Last Drink Bird Head are signed by Jeff and Ann VanderMeer. We expect those to go fast.

If you purchase two or more hardcovers, we’ll toss in a free signed limited copy of Secret Lives by Jeff VanderMeer (Prime Books, list price $35).

Visit our store at

Clarkesworld #50 Ebook Editions

We make the contents of each issue of Clarkesworld available for free online, but the money to pay our authors has to come from somewhere. One such source is the sale of our ebook editions. This is an important part of our fund-raising efforts and one we hope to see grow as ebook devices flourish.

That said, issue #50 is now available and can be ordered from the following places:

Wyrm Publishing (we see all the money when you order direct from us) epub/mobi-Kindle

Amazon Kindle

B&N Nook/ePub

Thanks for your continued support!

If you get a chance, please review or star us at Amazon or B&N… or just help spread the word. Every little bit helps!

Catching up with some Wyrm projects

The last few months have provided more than their fair share of stressful distractions. Several things have been pushed to the side or just plain ignored while I’ve dealt with those. I’m not out of the woods yet, but I’ve been making an effort to get things back on track.

There is one project in Wyrm’s catalog that has had the appearance of being cursed from day one…. the signed limited edition of Toast by Charles Stross. It was originally scheduled years ago and has been tripping over deadlines ever since. The good news is that is finally in the hands of our printer. If they survive the curse and don’t burn down, I should have the books in early September. I’ll post another update when they supply the final shipping date.

One of the other things I’ve been working on is an ebookstore for Wyrm and Clarkesworld. I think it still needs work, but I came to the realization that waiting for perfection was silly. You can now order ebook editions of Realms, Last Drink Bird Head, and back issues of Clarkesworld via the Wyrm Ebookstore. At this time, Wyrm has two stores: one for print and one for ebooks. It might be a bit confusing for some people, but it actually made sense when it came to the features each cart system offered. I hope to pull them together at some point in the future. Anyhow, the ebookstore has PayPal and Google Checkout as payment options. That should cover all your needs. Once paid for, you can download your EPUB or MOBI/Kindle edition and load it onto your reader.

Feedback on the ebooks or the store is very welcome.

Realms 2: The Second Year of Clarkesworld Magazine

Realms 2: The Second Year of Clarkesworld Magazine is now available in hardcover and trade paperback. Show your support for Clarkesworld Magazine by ordering a copy today. All proceeds from the Realms anthologies go directly to paying for Clarkesworld’s fiction. Direct sales from the Wyrm website or copies shipped as gifts via the Clarkesworld Citizenship Drive, generate the most revenue for the magazine and best ensure its future.

This volume contains twenty-five stories from visionary writers of short fiction, including such World Fantasy, Philip K. Dick, Tiptree, Hugo and Campbell Award winners and finalists as Jeffrey Ford, Mary Robinette Kowal, Jay Lake, Cat Rambo, Tim Pratt, Robert Reed, Mike Resnick and Catherynne M. Valente — and amazing stories from up-and-comers like Karen Heuler, Paul Jessup, Yoon Ha Lee, Margaret Ronald and many more!

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