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Post-holiday subscribers

Just noticed a nice little bump in the number of people subscribed to Clarkesworld on their Kindle and wanted to say thanks! We're a little over one hundred subscribers away from an increase in our non-fiction budget!

By the way, for those who prefer epub, Weightless Books sells them and we're currently working with B&N on Nook subscriptions. More news on that soon.

Three Days to Go

In three days, Clarkesworld Magazine will celebrate its fifth anniversary. Month ago, I made the promise that if we had 500 subscribers to our ebook editions by then, that I'd add an extra story to each issue. Did we make it? You'll find out in three days. Want to make sure we did? Subscribe or spread the word.


Clarkesworld Kindle Subscriptions Update


When we launched our Kindle subscription program in June, I mentioned that it was going to play important role in providing Clarkesworld with a more stable financial future. To help get things rolling, I offered to add an extra story to each issue if we could pick up 500 subscribers by our 5th anniversary issue (October). Today we crossed the halfway point! Keep this up and you’ll get those stories. Heck, we might even hit my previously unspoken goal of 1000 by 2012. That would be incredible. You people are the best. Thank you!

Subscribe here.

Clarkesworld Subscriptions Update

As I hope you know by now, Clarkesworld Magazine is now available for subscription on the Kindle (device and Android app). This is something I’ve been trying to accomplish for some time now. Ebooks and subscriptions are very important to the future of Clarkesworld. They provide the financial stability we require to continue to operate and grow.

In this month’s editorial, I made a promise: If we can pick up 500 subscribers by our 5th anniversary (October), we’ll add an extra story to each issue. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our 5th. As of today, we are over 23% of the way there and I’d like to thank all our new subscribers and those who have helped out by spreading the word, "liking" the magazine on the Amazon page, or reviewing us there. We’re still a long way from our goal, so I hope we can count on your continued assistance.

Several people have asked when we will be available for subscription on the Nook. Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to get any response from the staff at B&N and I’m running out of contacts to email. At this point, I urge anyone who would like to see Clarkesworld subscriptions on the Nook to follow the directions from their website:

  • If I wish to see a publication offered, who do I contact?

    Whether you are a customer or a publisher, click here or send us an email at with your recommendation and/or your contact information if you are a publisher.

As for the iPad, yes, I am aware that the Kindle app for iPad does not yet support subscriptions. There has been a note on Amazon’s site saying that support was forthcoming, but that has been there a long time and Amazon support isn’t willing to give any details. I have seen speculation that Apple’s in-app sales policy has something to do with this, but only Amazon knows for sure. We’d support iPad Kindle subscriptions if they were offered. It might not hurt to let them know you want that feature in the Kindle app.

In the meantime, you have another option… Weightless Books (the people behind Small Beer Press and Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet) sells EPUB and Mobi subscriptions of Clarkesworld. Sure, they don’t auto-deliver to your device, but they will email you when the new files are available and that’s the next best thing.

As always, your feedback is appreciated. If you have thoughts about how we could improve the subscriptions, ebook editions, marketing or have a contact that might be able to help us out, please get in touch with me.


Talebones Update

There have been a lot of posts about the state of things at Talebones Magazine lately. If you haven’t heard, check this entry on norilana‘s LJ.

Anyhow, Patrick posted to their Night Shade Books forum today and here are the results of everyone’s efforts since this started:

112 new subscriptions (and renewals)
47 single-issue copies
2 paid advertisements
1 considerable donation

This is great news and I hope the momentum continues. They haven’t been able to take subscriptions via credit card, so we’re going to help them out. As of yesterday, you can subscribe here too.

By the way, their advertising rates are quite reasonable…

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