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Anyone remember Clarkesworld Books?

The bookstore has been closed for a few years now, but there are still a lot of books left in inventory. I've been selling heavily discounting books at local SF conventions, but I thought it might be nice to make a bigger dent, so…

Clarkesworld Books is back from the dead (until November 19th, when it will promptly keel over and die again) for yet another "get this stuff out of my house" sale. Many prices have been slashed below our costs and a $40 minimum order ($3.50 flat rate shipping) is in effect. Do some early holiday shopping or treat yourself to a nice pile of books. Visit and shop before we drop.

All income will be put in the Clarkesworld Magazine budget. All space recovered from sold inventory will be given to my family.

Book Sale and Raising Money for Clarkesworld Magazine

I've decided to donate the entire new paperback inventory of Clarkesworld Books (my old SF&F bookstore) to Clarkesworld Magazine and use it as a fundraiser. I want the books out of my house and the magazine could always use a little extra money, so this should kill two birds with one stone. I've pulled together a list of the new paperbacks we had in inventory at the time the store closed and placed it online here. To keep this manageable, I've established the following rules:

  • All books are $2.50 each with a minimum order of 15.
  • Shipping (media mail) is approximately $5 for a box of 15.
  • Payment via PayPal only. (They take credit cards.)
  • If you are going to Capclave, I can bring them there and waive shipping.
  • No international orders at this time. (Maybe later. It's a time thing and shipping is very expensive.)
  • Email me your selections (see spreadsheet) and I'll make sure they are in-stock, total it up, and invoice you.
  • If you are looking to take 100 or more, we can talk about a special deal.


If you want to spin the wheel and take a chance, $30 will get you a mystery box of 15 paperbacks randomly picked by my kids. You just have to specify fantasy, science fiction, short fiction or horror and send PayPal payment to (This option may include books not on the list as we have a few strays that had been removed from the inventory.)

Clarkesworld Books Summer Sale

Clarkesworld Holiday Sale was so much fun (not to mention good at clearing out books) that I’ve decided to do a Summer Sale.

Clarkesworld Books is open now through the end of July, with a minimum order of $35 and lot of books at nice prices.

The goal this time around is to sell off enough books that I can move my office and give my two children the bigger room. They don’t know about this, but I hope to surprise them with the move sometime this summer. Every book you buy helps get me closer to make these two happier…

Oh and I even added Realms and Memorare to the Clarkesworld Books catalog so you can pick up copies of Wyrm’s latest books while you feast on the remains of my last business…

Please spread the word!

Not Dead Yet

Ever since the sale was announced, I’ve been swamped.  Can’t complain too much.  I’m quite thankful that so many people want to help get some books out of here and keep my wife sane.  My sanity, however, is slipping.  (an example would be the one break I had becoming the Little Drummer Boy radio show)  Since Clarkesworld Books is a one-man show, I have been processing and packing orders in almost all of my free time for a week now.  Not the brightest thing to do this before the holidays either.  I stress out over picking gifts.  If only more of my family read!  To put the icing on the cake, a transformer blew and damaged two of my servers at work.  Three long days of work with people going “what’s wrong” and having to explain why DHCP is actually important to their daily lives.  I’m the only technology professional here.  (insert long agonized scream)

So, no, I’m not dead yet.  I just feel that way.  I know I owe a few people emails and will get to them soon.  The day job lets out for the holidays tomorrow, so maybe life will get a little easier.  🙂

In other news:

We have a change in lineup for the January issue of Clarkesworld Magazine.  Caitlin R. Kiernan was scheduled to have story in this issue, but she needs more time, so we’ve moved Elizabeth Bear’s “Orm the Beautiful” over from the February issue. 

Keep My Wife Sane Pt. 2

So far, the “Keep My Wife from Having a Nervous Breakdown” sale is going well.  Weekend sales numbers were significantly higher than normal.  Lisa is pleased by the number of books that are leaving the house, but there are many many many more that still pose a threat to her.

To make it look like more progress was being made, I dragged one of the couches out of the rec room (try this with a bruised rib sometime) and replaced the spot that it once occupied with boxes of books that I can throw a blanket over.  Now there are fewer boxes in the living room, but I don’t think she’ll be fooled for long, especially after the boys discover the new “fort opportunity”. 

(Lisa, I know you read this.  <subliminal user=lisa>You will remember nothing of what I just said and this entry contained only glowing things about you.</subliminal>)

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