There are two conversations going on over at the Asimovs forum that have me cringing. Here they are:
1. Should stories for online markets be tailored differently than stories for print?
2. Should all SF/Fantasy Mags go to E-Submissions?

Here are some quotes:

  • GSH: “The thought of a print editor reading my story on a screen, however, does bother me. I’m not sure if my concern is valid, or just a projection of my own screen vs. print bias.”
  • Bill Preston: “These are different media. We’re fooled, I think, by their both involving typed letters. The differences are profound.”
  • Byron Bailey: “There are stories I couldn’t stand reading online. Yet when I read them on paper like in one of the YBSF, I thought they were superb.”

Time for a poll. Yes, I know doing an online poll is going to have a bias… but the original conversation is online, so what the heck.