This was dropped in my comments to an early post by an anonymous benefactor, but I felt it worth pulling forward to a post of it’s own.  Here is a note that was sent to all the subscriber’s of Meisha Merlin’s Heinlein series:

Dear Virginia Edition subscribers,

This e-mail is to give you a quick update on The Virginia Edition.

As many of you have heard Meisha Merlin Publishing, Inc is closing their doors at the end of May 2007. This in no way affects your subscription to The Virginia Edition. When we started The Virginia Edition there was a second corporation created Meisha Merlin RAH, Inc. This corporation, along with the Heinlein Trust, is who produces The Virginia Edition.

Kevin & I are meeting with the Trust later this week and I will be sending you an e-mail early next week to update you with the information from that meeting. Book #7 is now ready to go to the printer and books #8 & 9 are in the layout & proofing stages.

Stephen Pagel
Meisha Merlin RAH

This seems to confirm the rumors that MMP people would still be involved in the Virginia Edition.  Since there was a separate corporation, all those subsciption fees should be safe from whatever ends up happening to MMP’s assets.  It strikes me as a little unusual that this was done, but hey, all things considered, it appears to have been the right thing to do.  I’m sure their subscribers are breathing a bit easier.  Would have been nice if that was part of the original announcement.