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Hmmm… What’s on Yonder Truck?

Here it comes down the driveway…

Memorare moving along

I received a box from Thomson-Shore (my printer) today. Inside were the page and cover proofs for Memorare by Gene Wolfe.

Assuming I don’t find any problems, I’ll shoot them off an approval in the morning. It looks like I should have the finished books in July. If I’m lucky, they’ll be here in time for Readercon.

Memorare by Gene Wolfe

For several reasons, including my ongoing battle with pneumonia, Wyrm Publishing’s schedule has to be pushed back. Everything is still moving forward, just not at the pace I had hoped for. For example, I had hoped to have Memorare by Gene Wolfe in time for the holidays. Not going to happen. I can show you the final cover though. 🙂

Original Art by Bob Eggleton Final Cover Design by Mary Robinette Kowal

The lead character in Memorare, March Wildspring, is making a documentary. For the cover, we decided that a 50’s-inspired movie poster would fit the bill. For a larger and more impressive few, click on the movie poster.

Memorare (again)

Here is the cover art for Memorare by Gene Wolfe.  Bob Eggleton emailed me the final version this afternoon and I’m quite pleased. This fits the story very well.

Next up, cover design.

Memorare by Gene Wolfe

Bob Eggleton has posted a preliminary sketch of the cover for the signed limited edition of Memorare!  I’m quite pleased with it how it turned out and he tells me that he might have it finished soon. 

Wyrm to Publish Signed Limited of Memorare by Gene Wolfe

Memorare by Gene Wolfe
Signed Limited Hardcover
[ordering information]


Humans go into space for many reasons. For some it’s adventure and excitement. Others, it’s the solitude. And some choose it for their final resting place. March Wildspring is a freelance cameraman, working on a documentary on the memorials drifting in the emptiness of space. Some are lovely, peaceful monuments to the deceased. Others are built not to honor the dead but trap the living.

Memorial 19 is like nothing March has ever seen before. And when he and his crew enter it, they will not be allowed to leave unchanged….

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