Most people try to find something fun to do when they have a three day weekend.  Me, well, I closed the bookstore and had to pack orders from what I believe was the single busiest day in the store’s history.  I haven’t done the math yet, but it may have been the best month we ever had. That’s the way I wanted the store to go out, so I shouldn’t complain.

I can complain about painting the living and dining rooms.  Two coats of  sickly pea green and three coats of diaper brown.  I put my back out the first day and had to stop.  The second day I didn’t eat enough, worked in the sun, and got very dizzy from breathing the paint fumes.  Yeah, pretty stupid.  I was preoccupied with some other disaster happening in email.

After eating, resting and finishing the job, the kids (who seem oddly attracted to wet paint) were put to bed.  As I sat on the couch, I must have, in my leisure, offended some minor deity. The wind changed direction and the smell of something formerly living, but now rotting, started drifting into the house.  It’s about this time that I began to suspect the zombie invasion.  After all, they do seem to be everywhere these days.

Today I was back at work. 

[flashback] Eamonn, the boy terror, bruise my leg two weeks ago.  Yeah, I don’t learn.  The boy is a ninja-in-training at 4 years old. [/flashback]  It’s been odd since.  Over the weekend, that section of my leg turned bright red.  Today, walking hurt, so I left work early and went off to my favorite place in the whole world…. the doctor’s office.

Doctor:  So what’s wrong today?

Me: This.  (show him my leg)

Oh my.

I hate it when that happens.

Long story short, the burning pain in my leg is either Lyme (he thinks he sees faint rings), an infection from the bruise (thanks Eamonn, I will get you), a bug bite that infected, or my personal favorite:  a tick bit me on the bruise, caused an infection and gave me Lyme.  Now that’s one particularly angry tick.  Maybe even a zombie tick. 

So begins my one-legged antibiotic adventure…