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Post-holiday subscribers

Just noticed a nice little bump in the number of people subscribed to Clarkesworld on their Kindle and wanted to say thanks! We're a little over one hundred subscribers away from an increase in our non-fiction budget!

By the way, for those who prefer epub, Weightless Books sells them and we're currently working with B&N on Nook subscriptions. More news on that soon.

Clarkesworld Subscriptions

Time is running out. A few months ago, I made the following promise:

If we hit 500 esubscriptions by our 5th Anniversary issue, I'll add an extra story to each issue.

We haven't reached our target, but we're close. We have until the end of September and with your help, I think we can make it.

Tell a friend. Tweet, post, blog or share. We need to get the word out there. I'm told that there are over 5000 people subscribed to Asimov's on the Kindle. We should appeal to at least some of those people, so it doesn't seem unrealistic to think that there are more than a few people that haven't heard about us.

Thanks to everyone that has helped spread the word (or will do so shortly). This means a lot to us and helps ensure that we'll be around another 5 years.

Clarkesworld Magazine August 2011

The August issue of Clarkesworld Magazine is now online.

As usual, if you enjoy what we’re doing, please consider supporting us by making a donation, buying one of our books, or subscribing on the Kindle or Kindle App for iPad/iPhone/Android.


NEW! Subscriptions now available the Amazon Kindle App for the iPad and iPhone!


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