FantasyBookSpot is running its annual best book tournament, pitting book against book in a deathmarch to first place. They are down to the final 8 and one of the match-ups is “Under My Roof” by Nick Mamatas vs “Shadowstorm” by Paul S. Kemp. Nick, not wanting to be beaten by a Forgotten Realms tie-in and Hasbro product, threw down a call for supporters. Paul defends his honor and rallies his troops. Nick threatens to eat a baby if he wins. And then…

Paul went and dragged my poor magazine into it in this post.

 Dick Clark’s Hairworld?!! 

Ok folks. I was voting for Nick anyway (“Under My Roof” is a very fun book), but now… Kemp must go down!! 🙂 

Register now and vote Mamatas. Show no mercy.

Edit: Here’s another example to put on the long list of how easily humor can be misread on the internet. It appears that some people took Nick’s comments about shared-worlds too seriously. Nick has asked that his book be withdrawn from the competition.