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Anatomy of a Worldcon Badge

My Worldcon Badge


1. Official Clarkesworld/Fantasy Magazine "Short Fiction is Not Dead" Hypno-chicken button
2. Clarkesworld postcard
3. Where I live. Interestingly, most badges I saw didn’t have a state listed, but some did.
4. My 2009 Hugo Nominee pin.
5. Green ribbon for being a Program Participant.
6. Bronze/copper ribbon for being a Hugo Nominee

and #7 was handed to me by George R. R. Martin at the post-Hugo party… my official HUGO LOSER ribbon. 

GRRM: A RRetrospective

The latest issue of LOCUS says that George R. R. Martin has resold RRetrospective to Anne Groell at Bantam. No idea when this will be out, but this is very welcome news. When I spoke to him at Boskone, it didn’t sound like we’d be seeing this back in print anytime soon. Subterranean, the original publisher, decided they didn’t want to do anymore books that were this big (it’s huge) and George was saying that other publishers wanted to break it up. I’m guessing this means he convinced Bantam to do a single volume. Anyone know any details? Anyhow, you won’t have to pay crazy money to get copies of this book in the future. That’s good news.

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