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October Slush Statistics at Clarkesworld

I broke out the spreadsheet last night and compiled Clarkesworld’s slush statistics for October.

Total Submissions:

Submissions by Gender

    Male: 267 (69.17%), 2 accepted
    Female: 119 (30.83%), 1 accepted

Average Response Time: 1.23 Days (roughly 30 hours)

21 people (5.44%) had their stories rejected for not following the guidelines. (Gender breakdown matches the overall submissions breakdown.)

In the future, I’d like to see more of a gender balance in the slush pile. We’ve maintained a healthy balance in our first 26 issues and I’d hate to see that change. Suggestions, comments, etc. welcome.

Gender and Clarkesworld

Over the last few months, there has been a lot of discussion about gender distribution in magazines.  Now that I have the complete list of stories for the first 12 issues of Clarkesworld Magazine, I decided to do some math:

All Stories (24)
Male: 10*
Female: 15

The mathematically inclined among you are probably thinking, “10+15=25, not 24.”  You’re right.  Our second issue contained a collaboration between two male authors, so I counted that story as 2 male authors.

The two stories in each issue are split between solicited stories and open submissions. 

Solicited Stories (12)
Male: 6*
Female: 7

From the Slush (12)
Male: 4
Female: 8

Not bad at all.  I wish I could say the same for my other venture, Wyrm Publishing.  I have announced three books and have a fourth in the wings pending contract.  All four authors are male: Wolfe, Stross, Buckell, and JV (initials only until I have the contract).  I do hope to give more balance to the catalog over time and if the next proposal is accepted, I’ll be taking a step in that direction.  Looking at my personal wish list, it seems that balance is not an impossible goal.  I trust you people will call me on it if I fail to come through.  🙂

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