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Providing crack* to even more authors

Weird Tales Magazine has become the 6th magazine to adopt the submissions system I originally developed for Clarkesworld. You can find their submission page here. I’m quite happy to have them join the gang, which now consists of Clarkesworld, Fantasy, Electric Velocipede, Asimov’s and Lightspeed. Stay tuned… three more are in the works and there are two others currently kicking the tires.

* I’ve seen the submissions system described as crack for authors. It amuses me. Yeah, I know crack is bad for you, but they don’t really mean it that way… I hope.

Another magazine has adopted my submissions system

When I first developed my online submissions system for Clarkesworld Magazine, I never expected it to take on a life of its own. If you told me that it would eventually be used by Asimov’s, I would have laughed at you… but here we are. Yes, if you haven’t heard, Asimov’s is accepting online submissions and they are the first of the big three to do so. I think this is fantastic.

This has been a long time in the making. Sheila and I first started talking about online submissions at Worldcon. At some point, I have to write up the whole story of secret meetings, demos, coding and the rest. It’s been fun and I’m quite proud to have been a part of this.

By the way, they are running a newer version of the software than anyone else. I’ll be updating other sites as the opportunities arise.

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