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Cover Art for February Issue of Clarkesworld

A Day Without You – Second Phase
by Serj Iulian

Our February issue marks the third time that Serj’s artwork has graced the cover of Clarkesworld Magazine.  So far, only one other artist has sold more than one cover to us. 

If you’re an artist and think your art belongs on our covers, check out our submission guidelines.  Who knows, maybe one of you will be able to take the crown from our reigning champ.

Clarkesworld 2007 Cover Art Poll

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December Clarkesworld Cover

Headaches and a 101 degree fever have plagued today’s attempts  to accomplish nearly anything.  I did, however, get December’s cover for Clarkesworld Magazine from Michael Brack. A larger version can be seen here.

Now I think I’ll go take some more tylenol and get some rest.

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