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2011 Chesley Award Finalists

The 2011 Chesley Award Finalists have been announced. Congratulations to all the finalists and in particular, a special cheer goes out to the three Clarkesworld artists competing in the Best Magazine Cover category:

Warm by Sergio Rebolledo
Issue 40

Honeycomb by Julie Dillon
Issue 48

Soulhunter by Andrey Lazarev
Issue 50

Sneak Peek: Realms 2 Cover Art

I’ve selected the cover art for Realms: The Second Year of Clarkesworld Magazine:

"Progress on the Horizon" by Aaron Jasinski

We’re just getting started on this one, so we probably won’t start taking preorders until after the holidays.

June Cover Art

It should be fairly obvious by now that I don’t make any effort to tie the Clarkesworld Magazine cover art to a particular story. I like being free from restrictions when it comes to the art I feel like featuring that month. Sometimes, however, it seems like fate intervenes and insists that I pay attention to both.

One of our June stories will be “Clockwork Chickadee” by Mary Robinette Kowal. A couple of days after we bought this story, I was browsing Eli Effenberger’s gallery and found something that screamed “buy me!”  As a result, June will be a month of Clockwork Chickadees and Wind-up Ducks.

Cover Art for Tides from the New Worlds by Tobias Buckell

I just received the finished artwork for Tobias Buckell’s short story collection, Tides from the New Worlds. I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with what Brian Dow has provided us with.

Cover Art for the March Issue of Clarkesworld

The cover art for our March issue is by Canadian artist, Pascal Blanché. You can see more of his work in his deviantArt gallery.

Clarkesworld Reader’s Poll: Best Cover Art for 2007

The first annual Clarkesworld Magazine Reader’s Poll is over. The cover art poll wrapped up this afternoon and the winners are:

Third Place
“The Truth” by Natasha Nesterova

Second Place (Tie)
“Aeropolis” by Tomasz Maronski
“Light” by Naomi Chen

First Place
“Cardboard Box” by Serj Iulian

Final Results

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