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Congratulations to Peter Watts!

With yesterday’s announcement of the Shirley Jackson Award nominees, "The Things" by Peter Watts (text, audio, Kindle, epub) appears to be on track to becoming Clarkesworld’s most widely acclaimed story. I couldn’t be happier for Peter and he’s in great company for the SJA. So far, "The Things" has received the following recognition:

Award Win

  • 2010 Black Quill Awards, Best Dark Scribble (Editor’s Choice)

Award Nominations

  • 2010 Parsec Award for Best Speculative Fiction Story (Short Form) (finalist, not winner)
  • 2010 BSFA Award for Best Short Fiction (winner will be announced shortly)
  • 2010 Shirley Jackson Award for Best Short Story (winner will be announced at Readercon)

Year’s Best Inclusions

Honorable Mentions


  • 2010 Locus Recommended Reading List

Congratulations Peter!

My Capclave Schedule

I’ll be a guest and dealer at Capclave this coming weekend. Here is the most recent schedule they have for me:

Saturday, October 17th

Barbara Krasnoff (m), John Joseph Adams, Scott Andrews, Davey Beauchamp, Neil Clarke
Webcomics.  Manga.  YouTube videos.  Pseudo- blogs (fiction in blog format).  Twitter fiction. Podcasts.  What are they?  How do they work?  How can I get them?  How can I get involved? What’s worth the audience’s time?

Sunday, October 18th

Neil Clarke (m), John Joseph Adams, Christopher M. Cevasco, George H. Scithers, Sean Wallace, Sheila Williams
What do editors look for? What trends are they seeing? What do they want to see in manuscripts? Do editors still work with writers and if so how?

Mike Walsh (m), Neil Clarke, Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen, Sean Wallace
How do you set up a small press and market the books? What role do the small press have in today’s market? What role does the internet play?

Brenda Clough (m), Diane Arrelle, Neil Clarke, Edmund Schubert, J. J. Smith, Sean Wallace
Is the fiction published in online magazines different from that in the print magazines and if so, how? What online fiction sources are the best? How do readers and writers find out about online sources?

I had hoped that I’d get on the SAVE THE MAGAZINES panel on Saturday, but it looks like that one filled up, so I’ll probably sit and watch from the audience.

When I’m not on panels, you should be able to find me in the Dealer’s Room during these hours:

Friday: 4pm-8pm
Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: 11am-3pm

If there are certain books people want me to bring from the bookstore or Wyrm, let me know soon so I can pack them up this week.

So, who else will be there?

Million Writers Award Notable Stories of 2008

The storySouth Million Writers Award Notable Stories of 2008 list is out. The following Clarkesworld stories were selected:

Congratulations to Jay, Yoon, Cat and Catherynne!

Clarkesworld Audio Fiction

The time seemed right to set up a few feeds and feed-related resources for Clarkesworld Magazine‘s audio fiction, so…



Podcast Alley:

More to come…

Clarkesworld Submissions Update

Someone very kindly pointed out to me that my wording on the submissions page at Clarkesworld could be mistaken as saying that we’re never re-opening to submissions. Since that’s definitely not the case, I’ve updated the page to indicate that we will reopen sometime later this Summer. Why so vague? Well, there is still the staffing issue to finish up and there are some submissions still in the slush that we want to clear out before letting anymore in.

For those of you waiting for a response, my apologies for the delay. Nick has moved onto his new job and the rest of us will be finishing out the pile. This also means that the era of personalized rejections letters at Clarkesworld is coming to an end. I know many people enjoyed receiving those pearls (probably would have enjoyed acceptances more), but it isn’t a sustainable process at the moment. Should anyone feel the need to withdraw their story from consideration, they can email me at books(at) and I’ll be happy to take care of it for you.

Show Me Your Papers!

Sometime inspiration strikes and sometimes its contagious. Not long after telling a friend about a crazy idea I had, he sends me this “draft version” of a travel visa for Clarkesworld. It’s based on a picture he found of a South Korean travel visa.

Why should the fun end here?  I know there are a lot of creative types out there reading this blog.  Email me (books at your attempts at official documents used on or by Clarke’s World. Travel papers, passports, visa, citizenship papers, money, bill of rights, planetary anthem, holy doctrine, newspapers, or anything else that you feel inspired by. I want to be able to share these, so please don’t send anything that I can’t use. If you don’t want your name associated with your creation, that’s fine, I’ll keep the secret.

The one that amuses me the most will get a hardcover copy of Realms: The First Year of Clarkesworld Magazine.

Deadline: April 30th.

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