Greetings November Citizens

When you donate ten dollars or more to Clarkesworld Magazine, you become a citizen of Clarkesworld and get your name listed in a special Census appendix of our annual anthologies. The higher your donation, the more perks you get. This includes things like copies of the magazine, trade paperbacks or becoming an overlord (good or evil, you choose).

Immigration data for November is in and it was one of our best months ever. Welcome Citizens!

I spent a chunk of  today packing up the gift packages for the new Burgermeisters, Royalty and Overlords:

Now I just need to print up all the postage…

Clarkesworld Stories in Strahan’s Best of the Year Anthology

The following 2012 stories from Clarkesworld Magazine has been selected to appear in THE BEST SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY OF THE YEAR: VOLUME 7 edited by Jonathan Strahan:

Congratulations to Aliette, Kij, Catherynne and Genevieve!

You can find a complete table of contents for Jonathan’s book here.


No Power, No Win

Power at Clarkesworld HQ is still out. Last night, the cold drove us to make a hasty retreat to my parent’s house, which only regained power yesterday. The slushpile is backing up and I apologize for the delays, but they are inevitable at this point. Some of you might wait a whole week. 🙂

After several months of health-related distractions, it was a real pleasure to spend the weekend in Toronto while attending the World Fantasy Convention. I have to give a big thanks to Lisa for letting me go and to Kate Baker for driving us (Genevieve Valentine and I) up there. It wouldn’t have been possible any other way. The drive up and back was much longer than I ever like to be in a car, but time just flew. It’s rare for me to be anywhere with people that share common interests and musical tastes, so it worked out wonderfully. Along the way, we saw a tornado made of birds and Niagra Falls (Canadian side).

The Con itself was also great. My panel on ebooks was on Friday, so I was able to enjoy a mostly obligation free weekend the rest of the time. Sean offered some space for the Clarkesworld chapbooks on his table in the Dealer’s room, so I hung out there a lot and spoke with a lot of people. Among the Clarkesworld authors I ran into there were E. Lily Yu, Suzanne Church, Mari Ness, Cat Rambo, Holly Phillips, Lavie Tidhar, Tony Pi, Brenda Cooper, Aliette de Bodard, Mary Robinette Kowal, and (of course) Genevieve Valentine. The chapbooks attracted some nice attention and sold well. If I could have fit more in my bag, those probably would have sold too. Several people asked me about print subscriptions, but the cost of mailing creates some pricing concerns. One of the things we may do is offer a subscription plan that bundles issues together in quarterly bundles. I’ll start making copies and bundles available for sale on the website once we get power back at the house.

As you know, Kate, Cheryl, Sean and I were up for a World Fantasy Award this past weekend. We were hoping that the third time would be the charm, but it wasn’t to be. We lost to Tartarus Press (who claimed their third win). I have to admit to being somewhat disappointed, even though I never expected to win. (Heck, I never expect to be nominated. This is still a very surreal experience for me.) Thanks to the judges and voters for thinking us worthy of being nominated!

Clarkesworld Slush Update – Hurricane Sandy Edition


Due to extreme weather conditions, it is unlikely that we’ll be maintaining Clarkesworld’s normal 24-48 hour response times this week. Hopefully when this clears, I’ll still be able to get to Toronto for World Fantasy Convention. Supposedly, I’ll have power and internet there, so at worst, I’ll catch up then.

Slush Reader Applications

I’d like to thank everyone who expressed interest in our recent slush reader opening at Clarkesworld. We received over forty applications, so the final decision was much more difficult than normal. That said, we have reached a decision and our new reader has been notified. Their trial period begins this week.

If you are still interested in becoming a slush reader, our good friends at Electric Velocipede are currently looking for some help. More details available here:

Return of the chapbooks

For years, I’ve consider the Clarkesworld chapbooks to be a cursed project. I think I’ve worked with a total of seven different printers over the years and only managed to complete three of them, one of which was subsequently lost by the USPS. Life became complicated (day job collapse) and I placed them on hold with all  the other Wyrm Publishing projects. Even after I began to catch up on those, the chapbooks stayed in limbo.

After the heart attack, I had a lot of idle time to think. I mentioned in last month’s editorial that I was going to refocus my efforts on making Clarkesworld “professional” in the sense of paying the staff a real wage. While subscriptions will make up the majority of our income, I can’t and won’t ignore the various secondary revenue streams the magazine has… advertising, annual anthologies, donations and, yes, the chapbooks. (more on the others later)

What you see above is a proof-of-concept chapbook of issue 64. My current goal is to have a least one at Capclave and several more in hand by World Fantasy Convention.