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Greetings November Citizens

When you donate ten dollars or more to Clarkesworld Magazine, you become a citizen of Clarkesworld and get your name listed in a special Census appendix of our annual anthologies. The higher your donation, the more perks you get. This includes things like copies of the magazine, trade paperbacks or becoming an overlord (good or evil, you choose).

Immigration data for November is in and it was one of our best months ever. Welcome Citizens!

I spent a chunk of  today packing up the gift packages for the new Burgermeisters, Royalty and Overlords:

Now I just need to print up all the postage…

The Clarkesworld Citizenship Drive

Clarkesworld is now accepting applications for citizenship.

For the last three years, Clarkesworld Magazine has been providing free and unrestricted access to the many wonders our authors and artists have created. In that time, we’ve never asked for anything in return.

Today, we ask for your help. Today, we start our Citizenship Drive.

Citizenship? What?

Anyone who donates $10 or more to Clarkesworld Magazine becomes an honorary Citizen of Clarkesworld. It’s a nice little way for us to identify the generous people who support us. As a citizen, you get your name listed in the Census appendix of Realms, our annual print anthology, and some other perks that depend on your level of citizenship. Details available here.

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