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Anyone remember Clarkesworld Books?

The bookstore has been closed for a few years now, but there are still a lot of books left in inventory. I've been selling heavily discounting books at local SF conventions, but I thought it might be nice to make a bigger dent, so…

Clarkesworld Books is back from the dead (until November 19th, when it will promptly keel over and die again) for yet another "get this stuff out of my house" sale. Many prices have been slashed below our costs and a $40 minimum order ($3.50 flat rate shipping) is in effect. Do some early holiday shopping or treat yourself to a nice pile of books. Visit and shop before we drop.

All income will be put in the Clarkesworld Magazine budget. All space recovered from sold inventory will be given to my family.

Book Sale and Raising Money for Clarkesworld Magazine

I've decided to donate the entire new paperback inventory of Clarkesworld Books (my old SF&F bookstore) to Clarkesworld Magazine and use it as a fundraiser. I want the books out of my house and the magazine could always use a little extra money, so this should kill two birds with one stone. I've pulled together a list of the new paperbacks we had in inventory at the time the store closed and placed it online here. To keep this manageable, I've established the following rules:

  • All books are $2.50 each with a minimum order of 15.
  • Shipping (media mail) is approximately $5 for a box of 15.
  • Payment via PayPal only. (They take credit cards.)
  • If you are going to Capclave, I can bring them there and waive shipping.
  • No international orders at this time. (Maybe later. It's a time thing and shipping is very expensive.)
  • Email me your selections (see spreadsheet) and I'll make sure they are in-stock, total it up, and invoice you.
  • If you are looking to take 100 or more, we can talk about a special deal.


If you want to spin the wheel and take a chance, $30 will get you a mystery box of 15 paperbacks randomly picked by my kids. You just have to specify fantasy, science fiction, short fiction or horror and send PayPal payment to (This option may include books not on the list as we have a few strays that had been removed from the inventory.)

My Philcon Schedule

I have the privilege of being a guest at Philcon this weekend and will be on the following panels:

  • Sat 11:00 AM in Plaza IV (Four)—The Editors Panel (Short Fiction) (54)
    Hildy Silverman (mod), Darrell Schweitzer, Gardner Dozois, Neil Clarke, Danielle Ackley-McPhail

    Professional Science Fiction editors of magazines and anthologies explain what they are looking for and discuss the nature of the Science Fiction and Fantasy short fiction market.

  • Sat 3:00 PM in Plaza II (Two)—Agents And Editors Panel (48)
    Hildy Silverman (mod), Ty Drago, Neil Clarke, Neal Levin, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Brian Koscienski

    You know the drill — find out what they are looking for in the current market.

  • Sun 11:00 AM in Plaza IV (Four)Is The Short Story On Its Way Out? (71)
    Neil Clarke (mod), Larry Hodges, Lawrence M. Schoen, Dina Leacock

    There have been dramatic declines in magazine subscriptions in recent years. Is the short story medium on its way out or is it an essential part of the genre? Or is it all going digital?

  • Sun 12:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom TwoThe New Generation Of SF Writers (59)
    James Daniel Ross (mod), Neil Clarke, Stephanie Burke

    These are writers who grew up in a science fictional world of computers, space travel, virtual reality and robots. How does this affect their approach to the subject matter and technique of their work?

  • Sun 3:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom Three—The Future of Print Genre Magazines (45)
    Alan Beck (mod), Gardner Dozois, Thomas Nackid, Tony DiGerolamo, Tom Purdom, Neil Clarke

    The major print magazines have suffered a large loss of circulation and many smaller magazines have gone out of business altogether. Is there a future for genre fiction magazines or are they going the way of the dinosaur?

I’ll also have a table in the Dealer’s Room, where I’ll be selling surplus from Clarkesworld Books and the latest books from Wyrm Publishing. If you’ll be joining us in Cherry Hill, NJ, stop by and say hi! Oh and if there is something you want me to bring for pickup there, you should order before Thursday night at 8PM EST.

Clarkesworld Books Holiday Sale

I’ve reopened Clarkesworld Books for a holiday sale. Most of our inventory of books and magazines has been marked way down in an attempt to get a lot more of it out of my house. I’m still trying to clear out the spare bedroom (one of the storerooms) so I can move the kids into the bigger bedroom. With any luck, there will be a holiday surprise for them. 🙂

We’ll be open through the holidays and closing again in January. If you order more than $100 worth of books, I’ll thrown in a copy of Realms: The First Year of Clarkesworld Magazine as a thank you present. 🙂

If you can’t afford to buy any books (even at these prices, I can see that happening in the current economic climate), please do me a favor and spread the word. If we sell as many books as we did last holiday season, I should be able to give my kids the room.

Clarkesworld Books Summer Sale

Clarkesworld Holiday Sale was so much fun (not to mention good at clearing out books) that I’ve decided to do a Summer Sale.

Clarkesworld Books is open now through the end of July, with a minimum order of $35 and lot of books at nice prices.

The goal this time around is to sell off enough books that I can move my office and give my two children the bigger room. They don’t know about this, but I hope to surprise them with the move sometime this summer. Every book you buy helps get me closer to make these two happier…

Oh and I even added Realms and Memorare to the Clarkesworld Books catalog so you can pick up copies of Wyrm’s latest books while you feast on the remains of my last business…

Please spread the word!

Clarkesworld Books Post-Holiday Sale Ends Today

Clarkesworld Books brief return from the dead ends tonight.  I have to admit that it’s been a lot of fun to be able to do this again, even if just for a few weeks.  A lot of last minute orders are coming in and I figure I’ll spend a good portion of the weekend working on them.  The goal is to have the last of them packed up and shipped by early next week.

What happens next?  Well, there is still a lot in inventory left, so I have some work to do. Here’s how it will work:

  • The website will remain up for dealer orders over $200.  (I’ve decided that I don’t need any more proof of being a dealer than an ability to pay.  You spend that much, you might as well be a dealer.  I’m looking at it the same way our legal system looks at the purchase of other types of drugs.)
  • I’ll have tables at Readercon, Albacon, and CapClave.  I’m also willing to deliver books to Boskone if you email me.
  • Interested authors can email me about buying their books at my cost, which varies from publisher to publisher.
  • Perhaps some Ebay auctions, but they are tinkering with the fees again and I’ve just about had enough of that. I’m looking at alternatives.

I’m not sure what time I’ll switch the site back to dealer orders, so if you sneak in sometime past midnight and the website accepts your order, I’ll process it.  Oh and since I’ve extended this offer to others, if you don’t have money right now, but really really really want something we have, I’d be happy to set it aside for up to a month for you.

Will the zombie bookstore rise again?   Maybe.  If it does, it won’t be for a while.

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