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More Ultramas

No disrespect intended (the scene will be returned to "normal" later), but for now… we present the Ultramas Manger scene, complete with beasts (Birdon, Red King, Baltan, and King Joe), three wise ultras on the right providing cover, and Mother of Ultra and Father of Ultra holding baby Ultraman Jonias while Ultraman King supervises. Tacky giant Santa head approves.

Yeah… I’m probably going to hell for this.

Merry Ultramas!

Last night, I assembled the tree, untangled the lights, and arranged the Ultramen with care.

Holiday madness and a cool new toy

It’s been a rough couple of weeks.  After packing up the last big pile of boxes before closing the store for the holidays, I had to clean up a two three rooms that had become book depositories.  I cut up the boxes for recycling, threw out four bags of assorted catalogs, junk mail, and papers, and vacuumed.  We assembled the Christmas tree, decorated it, wrapped gifts, configured computers and crashed late Christmas Eve. 

This morning the kids were up at 7.  Wrapping paper flew into the sky and everyone ended up getting something fun.  The boys have nice big screens for their computers, more games, and music.  Lisa ended up with an MP3 player, some CDs, and a microphone (which we’ll need more parts for) for her radio show. 

The cool device to the left is my present, a Squeezebox by Slim Devices.  Lisa really did her homework on this one.  I can’t even begin to adequately describe this thing.  Among the many features, it gives me access to all my MP3s (stored on a networked hard drive) via a remote control and plays it all, very nicely, through my stereo.  It will also work with internet radio stations and a variety of other online sources via that same remote. 

Tomorrow, while the music plays, we’ll be getting ready for the next family party (at our house tomorrow night) and hoping that my traditional holiday flu doesn’t strike again.

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