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The First Batch of Clarkesworld Chapbooks

One of the things on my to-do list for Capclave weekend was to finish proofreading issues 64-73 of the Clarkesworld Magazine chapbooks (January-October 2012). Despite having someone wander off with the October proof during one of my panels (HEY!, not cool), Sean and I managed to get it all done. The changes have been made, uploaded to the printer, and my order has been placed. They should arrived just in time to be packed up and dragged to World Fantasy Con, where they will be available at the Prime Books table. Contributor copies and online purchasing options will be handled when I get back.

Proof Copies of Issues 64-72

Return of the chapbooks

For years, I’ve consider the Clarkesworld chapbooks to be a cursed project. I think I’ve worked with a total of seven different printers over the years and only managed to complete three of them, one of which was subsequently lost by the USPS. Life became complicated (day job collapse) and I placed them on hold with all  the other Wyrm Publishing projects. Even after I began to catch up on those, the chapbooks stayed in limbo.

After the heart attack, I had a lot of idle time to think. I mentioned in last month’s editorial that I was going to refocus my efforts on making Clarkesworld “professional” in the sense of paying the staff a real wage. While subscriptions will make up the majority of our income, I can’t and won’t ignore the various secondary revenue streams the magazine has… advertising, annual anthologies, donations and, yes, the chapbooks. (more on the others later)

What you see above is a proof-of-concept chapbook of issue 64. My current goal is to have a least one at Capclave and several more in hand by World Fantasy Convention.

Some quick Clarkesworld Updates

Congratulations to Rebecca Ore. Her story “Acid and Stoned Reindeer” from Clarkesworld #14 has been published in Wilde Stories 2008: The Best of the Year’s Gay Speculative Fiction, edited by Steve Berman,

Editor search update: I had hoped to settle this last weekend at Readercon, but instead we ended up with more interested candidates and some interesting viewpoints that required serious consideration.

After burning through several printers and countless other problems, the Clarkesworld chapbooks are back on track and moving forward. Our new printer has done a great job and is currently talking to me about things we can do better with the next batch. (I think they are seriously enjoying working on these.) Anyhow, I now have in my hands the signed limited edition chapbooks for issues #1 and #3. If you preordered copies, expect to hear from me this weekend.

I’m embarrassingly behind on these chapbooks and there will be a huge push to play catch-up over the next several months. Next week, the printer and I will finish details on a large batch of cover/signing sheets, which should be returned to me early August and shipped out to authors. On return, signed sheets will go right off to the printer, so it’s entirely likely they’ll be issued out of sequence for a while.

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