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Latest Clarkesworld Magazine Acceptance

We’ve just accepted "The Devonshire Arms" by Alex Dally MacFarlane (alankria) for publication in Clarkesworld Magazine later this year.

Accepted at Clarkesworld Magazine

On the average, I can purchase 12 stories from the Clarkesworld slush pile in a year. I’ve just passed the halfway mark with the acceptance of The Giving Heart by Corie Ralston, which we’ll probably publish in the April or May issue.

Just because I’m such a stats junkie… Of the six, we have an even split of stories by men and women. Next month’s story is a first sale. I believe one of last month’s was the author’s first published story, but second sale. Two stories came from outside the US. Oh and apparently the odds of a slush pile story being accepted are about 1 in 250.

Clarkesworld Magazine Slush Update

Since reopening Clarkesworld to submissions on the 15th, we’ve rejected just over 200 stories and accepted one. Lavie Tidhar will be returning to Clarkesworld with "The Dying World" sometime in the first half of 2009. In the meantime, you’ll just have to make due with his story from our first issue, "304 Adolph Hitler Strasse"

Finally, a Clarkesworld Acceptance

It’s my pleasure to announce that we’ve accepted "The Jisei of Mark VIII" by Berry Henderson (selfavowedgeek). It will appear in Clarkesworld Magazine sometime in early 2009.

For those interested in numbers, in the last three weeks, we’ve read 360 stories and accepted one. That’s a 0.28% acceptance rate.

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