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T minus 20 Days and Counting

Clarkesworld Books closes in 20 days.

If you preorder Realms from Wyrm Publishing this week, I’ll give you 10% off your order at Clarkesworld Books.  That includes all the books we’ve already marked down and all the other science fiction, fantasy, and horror books and magazines we have.  Nothing is restricted!

Pass it along. 🙂


Let me call your attention to….


A New Logo and a Couple of Hours in Dreamweaver

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  1. Great googly-moogly! Does that extra 10% off apply to orders that went in during the past week? Huh? Huh?

    And I’ve been passing it along. Happy to do my part.

    It’s painful to see yet another specialty shop close, but the marked down prices help to ease the pain, at least the immediate pain.

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