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Still recovering

Slowly adjusting to my life as a cyborg, post surgery. I’m still having trouble sleeping at night and sluggish through a chunk of the day. Fortunately, I can and do take naps. I spend most of the time feeling like some bully has grabbed the skin on my chest (like a shirt) and is lifting me up against a locker. Tylenol is becoming a close friend. It doesn’t help that I’m squeamish and the bandage is off (I’m stitched and glued shut), so I can see what a mess I am. I half expect to fall apart. They warned me the bruising would be bad (thank you blood thinners) but…

Despite that, I’m in reasonably good spirits. The pain is oddly comforting… reminding me that a little machine is in there watching over me. Ready to jump in and save my life if the need should arise.

I’m also feeling a strange compulsion to ready some cyborg stories. Anyone have some recommendations?


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  1. Hi Neil; glad you’re in good spirits, but sorry to hear about the “lifted against the locker” feeling. I hope it passes soon.

    A really good cyborg short story is “No Woman Born” by C.L. Moore (collected in The Best of C.L. Moore).

  2. James Davis Nicoll

    Vonda McIntyre’s “Aztecs”?

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