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Someone at Albedo One has good taste in art

Yes, I know. Someone has already emailed me the link. All I can say is that someone at Albedo One obviously has good taste in art. Confused? Well, here you go… the latest issue of Albedo One and the cover to Realms: The First Year of Clarkesworld Magazine:


Hugos, Nebulas and Clarkesworld: Looking back at 2008


Very Flattered…


  1. …Odd. Why does Albedo’s child have an arrow through his head?

  2. Are artists under any contract restriction not to sell artwork to a second market?

    • You can claim whatever restrictions you want if you are willing to pay extra for them. If I was going that route, I wouldn’t have blocked use outside the US and this still would have happened. Albedo is an Irish magazine.

  3. Anonymous

    Heh, whoops. I’d say their art director should be reprimanded, but they probably don’t have one in the first place. And the artist might have mentioned a simplar bit of art’s previous use… pretty funny though.

    • They probably just didn’t expect the two to be in the same stores. I don’t think many copies of Realms went to Europe and not many US stores carry Albedo One. I was one of the few that did and we closed down shortly afterwards.

  4. If I was the artist, I’d rather try to convince the editors to use a whole new cover. I don’t think I’ve had of my works used twice, but I’d definitely prefer to create something new.

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