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Someday my sense of humor will get me in trouble

So you’ve had a story rejected by Clarkesworld Magazine. Lots of people have. Now you can shame us for not buying your masterpiece by making us feel bad. Get institutionalized with this fun t-shirt.


Clarkesworld Submission Stats


You people really shouldn’t encourage me…


  1. I cannot believe the back doesn’t feature my face somehow.

  2. that’s gorgeous 🙂

    I need to submit more to feel properly devastated.

  3. *gleeee!* Oh man! I want one!

  4. That’s an awesome shirt and a very cool idea.

  5. Oh hey. I qualify for this.

    *sad face*

  6. What a great shirt. *grin*

  7. This is great! I can submit to Clarksworld. If I’m accepted — Woot! If I’m not, I can get a cute & awesome tee-shirt. 🙂

  8. Man… now I have to submit to your market. Give me a chance to comiserate with others.

  9. That is absolutely brilliant!

  10. what a brilliant idea!!!

  11. I love it! I have yet to submit anything to Clarkesworld, but this is a great extra incentive.

  12. Ahaha, awesomeness. Though, to be fair, you were really nice about it. 😉

  13. “Been there, did that, got the T-shirt”?


    • I was going to say this would have made so much more sense when Nick was manning the slush. Still awesome though.

  14. I hadn’t previously planned to submit to Clarkesworld, but now I’m rethinking my focus in markets….

  15. I’m finally catching up after my vacation, so sorry for the late comment. These are really cool — I’d totally buy one if I were rejected. 🙂

    BTW, I just did a double-take elsewhere in my friends list when I saw a post from someone who said she’d just been asked by Clarkesworld Magazine to participate in an editors’ round table discussion for the July issue. It’s so weird to see such completely different circles of friends overlap like that! Anyway, I’ll have to make a mental note to go check that one out…

    • Yeah, unfortunately the company that made them for me did a horrible job and I’ve had to cancel them for now.

      It’s a small world, isn’t it?

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