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Signing Update – March 27, 2005

The June books started arriving in droves in the last couple of days and I made arrangements with a few authors to have those books signed. I’ve finished shipping books to:

Brian Keene: The Rising, City of the Dead, and Terminal. (All paperbacks)

Tom Piccirilli: November Mourns. There was some extra room in the box so I also sent a few copies of A Choir of Ill Children, A Lower Deep, and Night Class. (All paperbacks)

I received signed bookplates from Kelley Armstrong for her new book, Haunted.

I also sent a box of books off to Jacqueline Carey. She’ll be signing Banewreaker (hardcover), Kushiel’s Dart, Kushiel’s Chosen, and Kushiel’s Avatar (paperbacks).

After the weekend, I hope to start contacting some more authors. As always, suggestions and volunteers welcome.



Daikaiju! Giant Monster Tales


A Feast for Crows


  1. neil,
    i don’t suppose you have signed copies of lebbon’s ‘desolation’ and clegg’s ‘afterlife’ in stock?

    • No. I’d love to do it, but Tim’s in England (I believe) so getting paperbacks signed would be very expensive. As for Doug, haven’t asked, but should. (writes name down on list)

      Maybe I could do bookplates with Tim.


  2. Neil:

    I don’t know if it would be worth your while, but I’d be glad to sign any copies you might have of my books.


    • Thanks Kealan! Actually, I managed to acquire a couple of copies of the trade paperback of Ravenous Ghosts, so this is very much worth my while. 🙂


      • You did? How the hell did you find them? I’ve had people asking me for two years where to pick up a copy. Hell, I only have two copies myself!!!

        But the offer stands, I’d only be too glad to sign some books for you if you think it’ll help move ’em out the door!

        Keep on keepin’ on,


        • I’m as astonished as you are. I picked up one in a store (all they had) and another from a lot of books I bought from a customer. Both unread and in perfect condition. I wish my luck was always this good. 🙂

          I don’t think I have your email address, so could you email me with where you’d like them shipped? (


  3. redscream

    hi, i have a story in the first issue of Red Scream and was curious how that magazine was selling and if there is a big demand for the next issue.


    • Re: redscream

      Hi David,

      We had a lot of preorders for it and the first two weeks it sold very well, it’s been slower since, but it seems like there is significant interest in the next issue. We don’t have it up for preorder yet, so I’m just going by what I hear from people. It’s been a great response for a new magazine.


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