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Sick of being sick

Has anyone else had this year’s cold that won’t go away? I’ve had something that hits varying levels of intensity since mid-February, right around Boskone. It’s likely that I caught it from one of the kids at the school I work for… which makes me wonder why I ever took this job. Anyhow, mostly congestion and coughing, often mild enough just to be a distraction, but at it’s worst, you’re a goop factory.

To make matters worse, my doctor won’t let me take decongestants because of the medication I’m on for thyroid and blood pressure. He put me on something last month, but it only worked for a week and I hate going back there. You see, I have a thing about needles and every time I go there, out come the needles.



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  1. You may remember I was *still* coughing at Lunacon? That was after three weeks of it, if not a full month.

    I have only just stopped hacking away every night, and my throat is still raspy now and then.

    Would that qualify under your criteria…?

  2. Well, I understand there’s a Mumps epedimic going around the mid-west . . . you might want to have your Dr. check for that. Apparently, the old vaccination isn’t working on some people . . .

    • I checked on the symptoms for Mumps and it’s definitely a lot more severe than what I’ve had. Certainly puts things in perspective.

  3. I’ve had something like that for… probably at least several weeks, but it seems like longer. I had assumed it was something allergy-related and the weather, but it sounds more like what you’re experiencing. I’ve had much worse, but it’s pretty annoying.

    • I’ve had much worse too. I seem to handle being sick better when it knocks me off my feet. This is just driving me nuts.

  4. I’m told that it takes three years of working at a school to stop having a continuous cold all winter every winter. I’m still waiting for that to happen.

    • I was afraid someone would say that. I’m not sure I can accept this as a yearly job hazard.


  5. Ack. Sorry to hear about your persistent cold, Neil. I think as the weather changes, it will ease up on you…

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