Shrieking into the Holidays

The limited edition of Shriek: An Afterword by Jeff VanderMeer should be shipping from the printer shortly and the Shriek soundtrack by The Church shouldn’t be far behind. This means that I should be able to get copies of the book and CD shipped out to people in time for the holidays. Yay!

Over at Clarkesworld Magazine, I’m running a little contest for a free copy of the book. All you have to do is tell me the name of a favorite holiday movie (the weirder, the better) and you’ll be in the running. Entries must be made as comments to my editorial before December 15th.

One thought on “Shrieking into the Holidays

  1. misura says:

    At a guess, this comment will go to the same e-mail address my e-mail(s) went, but just in case: I’m somewhat concerned about not having heard from you about my order for the past four weeks. Might you have a moment some day soon to just let me know you haven’t forgotten about it? Its ID is 41070242 – the one with several shipping addresses and the books intended as holiday gifts. (With the holidays coming closer and closer, I’d really like to know these giftees-to-be are taken care of.)

    I’m sorry to bug you like this – if the books were for me, I’d be happy to wait but … I’d feel really bad if these people didn’t get anything from me this Christmas.

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