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Short Story Titles Meet Wordle

I’ve been a bit surprised by all the attention to my list of top ten most frequently used story names has received. I spent some time trying to find the most common words used in titles and then it occurred to me… drop all the story titles we’ve ever received into wordle:

wordle 3


Top Ten Most Common Short Story Names


The truth about short story titles


  1. The Time House of the Last Dead Sky–I’d read that.

  2. One Death, One Life, One Man

    Black Moon Life


    Stone Monsters, Shadow Trees.

    I could play with this all day!

  3. I too like “The Time House of the Last Dead Sky.” I can even begin to imagine what the story is about…

  4. Yep – that’s title I want to see a story round as well! Anyone?

  5. It’s funny that Dust is not used so often, and yet it was the most popular title. I guess it didn’t work into too many multi-worded titles.

  6. Some of the words line up in an interesting way, generating complete titles. “Cold Road Home”. “Perfect Green Room”. “Beyond Great Darkness”. “Black Soul”. “Dark Heart”. “One Life”. “Shadow People”. “Future Angel”. “Lady Lost”. “Little Light”. “New Skin”. “Wind Queen”.

  7. Blue Girl in a Night Dream Sea – I would read that book

  8. I started writing “The Time House of the Last Dead Sky”.

  9. Julia Rust

    This is so amazing. Someone PLEASE do an anthology based on this! I’m fond of “Man Witch” myself.

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