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September Clarkesworld Cover

My boys and I like to watch “giant monster flattens city” movies.  When I saw Chen Lin’s “Big Octopus”, I knew I just had to have it.  Now it will be the cover for issue #12 of Clarkesworld Magazine.


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  1. Beautiful cover!

  2. WHy am I channelling “War of the WOrlds”…?

  3. Lovecraft would be proud!

  4. Awesome cover!

  5. That cover is absolutely amazing!

  6. How totally awesome!

  7. I’m totally in love with that. Do you all ever sell prints of this cover art?

    • We only purchase the rights to use these as covers, so I can’t offer prints. The original work can be found on deviantArt, but he doesn’t have it set up for a print. There is an option on this page for you to request that he offer it as one.

  8. Definitely eye-catching.

  9. Oh wow. That’s fantastic!

  10. Best. Cover. Yety.

  11. ::cough:: Yet.

  12. Neil, am I allowed to use this graphic to link to the current issue on my LJ? Thanks!

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