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RSS Feeds

Aside from Fantasy Magazine and Clarkesworld, what other online genre magazines have RSS feeds for their content?

EDIT: More specifically, feeds with entries that are stories, not an index to or an announcement of a new issue.




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  1. DvS publishes via blog, though, bit different from most of the bigger online mags.

  2. Are we talking just SF mags Horror Literature Quarterly has an RSS feed

    • Hmm… different approach than the others. You have the stories listed in a single post and the rest of the entries are more news-like. Hadn’t considered that model.

      Now I’ll have to rethink what I was doing. 🙂

      • Yeah, I’m not sure what the effect on the straight RSS feed is, but the intent was to put content directly into people’s blogrolls without blowing them out with huge blocks of fiction. The stories themselves are posts, but they’re “hidden.”

        It allows us to “blog” the content of both Behind the Wainscot and Farrago’s Wainscot without actually blogging it 🙂

        • Interesting. I took almost the opposite approach. I’m blogging the stories but treating the index and other items (like next issue, cover gallery, etc.) as pages instead of posts.

          The individual stories are feed out so I can associate the appropriate tagging and identify the content in detail. It seems to help with blog searches and it’s been a huge plus when working with other tools that use the feed.

          I do a lot of XML work, so I’m sort of predisposed to organizing data that way.

  3. As David mentions, Dog Versus Sandwich publishes via wordpress blog. We have an rss feed, and also a livejournal feed, which I believe quite a few people follow the mag through…


  4. Futurismic does – or did; the most recent fiction is almost a year old, which is a shame. They have a lot of links to online fiction too.

  5. JBU does, Subterranean sort of – they mention new stories and stuff in their general feed.

    Hub does, as do Cosmos, Escape Pod, Pseudopod.

    • Thanks! Right now I’m looking for feeds that link directly to a story, so of those Cosmos, Escape Pod and Pseudopod work for me.

  6. I’m not sure if I may be the only one who feels this way, but my favorite delivery method–email–is used by Caitlin R. Kiernan’s Sirenia Digest. Does Clarksworld (or anyone else for that matter) provide email delivery of their content? RSS is nice and all, but I use it to read blogs, and I’m not often in the mood for reading stories when I’ve been reading political rants (or what have you) from the other feeds I follow. I suppose I could set something up that would catch ONLY fiction, but as you say, not many online magazines are providing their content that way. I’d much rather sign up to a mailing list to receive content. Too much trouble? Already possible?

  7. I would actually prefer not having whole stories in RSS feeds- I use RSS feeds to read quick, small things. If I see a short story in the feed, mostly I just open the link and mark the feed as read. I’d prefer a table of contents to that, seems more fitting to the whole model of RSS.

    • Re: —

      I think RSS is meant to direct you to specific content. In a sense, the feed is an index of content from a site, so I see having an index in an index contrary to the purpose and restricting when it comes to other uses for the feed.

      I do agree that a whole story shouldn’t be part of the feed. That’s why I use the summary of a story in the feed.

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