For years, I’ve consider the Clarkesworld chapbooks to be a cursed project. I think I’ve worked with a total of seven different printers over the years and only managed to complete three of them, one of which was subsequently lost by the USPS. Life became complicated (day job collapse) and I placed them on hold with all  the other Wyrm Publishing projects. Even after I began to catch up on those, the chapbooks stayed in limbo.

After the heart attack, I had a lot of idle time to think. I mentioned in last month’s editorial that I was going to refocus my efforts on making Clarkesworld “professional” in the sense of paying the staff a real wage. While subscriptions will make up the majority of our income, I can’t and won’t ignore the various secondary revenue streams the magazine has… advertising, annual anthologies, donations and, yes, the chapbooks. (more on the others later)

What you see above is a proof-of-concept chapbook of issue 64. My current goal is to have a least one at Capclave and several more in hand by World Fantasy Convention.