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RED SCREAM: New Horror Magazine Coming in April

RED SCREAM Magazine will make it’s debut this April with a special preview issue #0. I’ve just received the complete table of contents. Here’s a look at the fiction:

* Feeding Time by Wrath James White
* Apple of My Eye by Amy Grech
* Asha by Monica J. O’Rourke
* The Voyeur’s Reward by Darren Franz
* Avoid Abduction: Learn the Secret Arts of Ninjitsu by Tom Piccirilli
* Irreconcilable Differences by J. R. Cain
* The Fall of Meltharan by David L. Tamarin
* Grandma Wanda’s Belly Jelly by John Everson
* Motel Hell by Bev Vincent

Check out the web page for non-fiction, pictorials, and other information.


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  1. That cover is SERIOUSLY grossing me out. That’s why I don’t write much horror anymore — I’m a wimp!

  2. Grab this one up. It’s going to be going places. I’ve got a story in issue #1, “Have You Seen This Child?”. The editor said it was the mildest piece in the mag, but written too well to pass up. Yowza. I’m mild AND talented. Doublemint, baby, two gifts in one!

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