There are many ways to support Clarkesworld Magazine. Among those are a variety of places to give recurring payments or buy subscriptions.

  • Patreon – The crowdfunding site that combines the best of Kickstarter and subscriptions. Pledge a monthly amount and they handle payment processing and tracking for us. We offer a variety of Patron rewards, including digital and print subscriptions. I expect big things from Patreon.
  • Amazon – The giant of the ebook world and the place where most of our subscriptions are sold. Most visible of all our options, good sales numbers and reviews here have secondary benefits that help us sell more subscriptions, ebooks, and print books.
  • Apple – We’re partnered with a third party to get into Apple because that’s the only way we can afford to get into their marketplace. Our subscriptions here are app-based and it represents the smallest of all the subscription outlets. That said, since it is an app, we can do a bit more, like include audio.
  • Weightless – The independent ebookseller that actually cares enough to make subscriptions available for small press magazines. If it wasn’t for these folks, a number of magazines would be having serious financial difficulties.

People often ask me which of these options gives Clarkesworld the greatest returns…


From this chart, it’s clear that Patreon passes along more of your payment to us than anyone else. That doesn’t mean we want everyone with existing subscriptions elsewhere to suddenly jump ship and switch to Patreon. We like having a variety of sources of income. If one suddenly fails, we want to survive. We also see value in having good sales and reviews at a variety of markets. We need to cast a wide net and think about marketing value as well as financial value. (The two are so tangled it’s hard to separate them.)

We want you to choose whatever way works best for you. If that means subscribing via Apple, then go do it. If auto-delivery to your Kindle is important to you, go with Amazon or Weightless. Don’t think you are paying enough for you subscription? Consider switching to a subscription reward at Patreon or keep your existing subscription and make an extra pledge at Patreon. Choices are good. Make the best of them.

Thanks for your support!