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Recording Panels at Conventions

Does anyone have any experience making reasonably good audio recordings of panels at conventions?  I’m looking for something reasonably priced and simple to do the job. Any advice would be appreciated. Assume for the sake of this conversation, that I have the permission of those involved.


Summer in Paris, Light from the Sky by Ken Scholes


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  1. I was sooo hoping you’d be Boskone, Neil.

    Cheryl Morgan in your magazine?

    • Really wanted to to be at Boskone this year, but hotel costs were a bit prohibitive given that I may have a bigger trip to take later this year. I figure I missed another one of those always enjoyable BwB parties… didn’t I?

      Yes, Cheryl joined the staff as Non-Fiction editor in January.

  2. I’d suggest you talk to the people who do the Balticon podcast. They routinely record panels, and they’ve been at it for years.

  3. You might want to talk to the people at the Science Fiction Oral History Association to see what they recommend.

  4. The guys who do the FearTheBoot Podcast recorded all the panels they did on Podcasting at the 2007 NASFiC and they sounded great.

  5. I’ve had good results with a laptop running Audacity and a Samson CO1U USB microphone. Granted, it was a reading, so we could pass the mic back and forth.

  6. You might ask John Joseph Adams. He recorded a panel I was on at a Lunacon two years back, and it was clear enough my staff could transcribe it.

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